Please see the next 4 examples of what this means for us

“ ….when Charlie, our Lab needs the loo, he tends to walk around the living room with his head down, pacing, that’s his sign to us he wants to go out!” this is detail.

“….. we know when Henri wants to come on the sofa with us, he pops his head on the side of the sofa, looks up at us, and waits to be told, come up then” this is detail.


“….. little Mary is a slow eater, so please show patience, she’ll get there in ‘her time’ not anyone else’s” this is detail.

“….. Lotti loves playing fetch, but we know she’s tired or needs a short break, as she refuses to drop the ball for a bit, this is her rest time until she’s fed up or ready to go again!” this is detail.

We genuinely want your dog to feel so content and happy, help us to talk their language, the bond you have, it’s only a short time they’re away from you, but let’s make every moment a nice one, it’s only you who has the detail we need…….

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