• Maybe closer than you think? - Your chosen sitter could very well be closer to your home than you think, so in some instances your dog can be taken on his/her normal walk route! Big advantage
  • 100% Attention - The attention given is 100% better and much more likely to deal with any stress levels much more efficiently.
  • Special case Dog? - Special cases section, is your dog in need of specialist care, is this the reason you can never get away, talk to us, we understand that detail matters? Protective care for the more sensitive dog, young or old
  • More than 1 dog? - We are happy to cater for more than one dog same time to relieve separation anxiety
  • First Aid - Our sitters are trained in basic animal first aid, just in case!
  • Stress Avoidance - Many dogs become stressed with the noise and company of many other dogs, in a kennel environment for example, this is hugely alleviated via our system.
  • Avoid Diseases - Diseases such as kennel cough won’t be an issue.
  • Exact feeding rules - Their exact feeding routine times, actual foods used and exact portions don’t alter, unless, you would like them to try a diet of some sort whilst your away? Up to you?
  • Games and Entertainment - Their favourite games can be played
  • Difficult Dog Trial - We have a specialist service we call DDT, Difficult Dog Trial. We offer a one to two nights stay trial for dogs with known difficulties such as howling, barking etc. The customer pays for a night or two with a specially selected sitter and the sitter can see how the dog behaves before you go on your holiday, and ultimately whether they’re willing to care for the dog. This service is offered where other sitters and kennels won’t take them in.
  • 24 Emergency Care Offer – Our business will soon offer ALL members once signed up a one full 24 hour emergency care offer, in the event of personal emergency. If it tips over this 24 period, they must pay for a full day on top, pick up & return costs aren’t covered etc subject to availability and must not be taken as granted.


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