We believe that we need to give something back as part of this business, and we have chosen to give back to a common interest, which are canine needs. Our contributions can be traced/tracked accordingly. The two chosen charities are;

1. Bryn Y Maen – Animal Rescue Centre

We have chosen Bryn y Maen as one of our charities. B.Y.M is also a major local charity, we will contribute to B.Y.M regularly, this is of course with your help. Please see their regular updates on all the lovely dogs which are saved and either re-homed or permanently homed with B.Y.M.

2. The Voiceless – An international charity close to our hearts

Dedicated to helping defenceless and horrendously cruelly treated dogs in eastern countries. These animals are treated inhumanely, and it is one of our main objectives is to contribute, a percentage of our profit to do whatever we can to help ease these animals suffering. The link to this charity is issued by request as we have no intention to upset any of our customers with its content.

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