Dog & owner stress avoidance. 

Our research has shown that most dog owners prefer the thought of their dog in a home from home environment rather than a kennel environment. Dogs can become stressed in an environment similar to a kennel situation. They are not used to being shut in a restricted environment added with the noise, smell and presence of unfamiliar dogs surrounding them. Owners become equally distressed from leaving their dog in this situation

Heightened care, 1-1 care

Our service is 100% 1-1 care as unless you specify otherwise, your dog is cared for as the sitters own dog, with excellent care and attention, which your dog would be used to, so why change this?

Relief of separation anxiety (if you need more than 1 dog cared for)

Separation anxiety exists when a dog is both separated from its owner and fellow dog. By ensuring your dog gets the human attention, this anxiety is dealt with as much as can possibly be, especially if you have more than 1 dog to be cared for together which we’re happy to cater for.

Basic first aid training given for small emergencies

Accidents can happen, and in the event that they do, our sitters know basic dog first aid, we have a ‘better to be safe than sorry’ attitude in favour for your service, but we would always seek professional veterinary care in any case which deems necessary. Please ask for further information

Routines and food unaltered

Your exact instructions for the care of your dog are adhered to with the sitter. The food your dog is used to is used and any routines too, from times for garden break to walks and sleeps! Whatever their individual habits, they are specifically catered for.

Favourite games can be played

Each and every dog is an individual. Their games and entertainment ways are important, please tell us of these so they can fully enjoy their little holidays as well!

24 Hour emergency care
When you become a CDS member, you automatically get a FREE 24 Hour emergency care offer.

Affordable price for such a specialist service

Our prices reflect a unique, tailored service, what we actually charge for is the sitting itself, what we offer FREE is;

FREE Walking

FREE Feeding

FREE Love!


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