• In this business we are very aware that there are sensitivities involved as we deal with your precious property, your beloved dogs.
  • Each and every one of you, our customers are individuals, and when dealing with you in daily life, care and consideration takes priority.
  • The Love and Care of your dog as a member of the family when it stays with one of our approved carers
  • A swift, simple and easy customer service
  • Peace of mind
  • An affordable charge for such a specialist service
  • Our aim to ensure you can have as up-to-date a check on your loved pet at all times whilst your away
  • An on-going mission to help dogs in desperate need

At a glance what our business offers is ‘Dog sitting services’, and we do of course offer this, but we are far more than that. “what we offer is, assurance, stress alleviation, security, smiles and let’s be honest, a bit of love! 

 Can you put a price on that, well we have, and it’s a surprisingly affordable one!

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